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Chris Chibnall already has an idea for the NEXT female Doctor

And it’s the perfect suggestion

Published: Tuesday, 5th September 2017 at 10:37 am

Jodie Whittaker hasn’t even taken her place at the Tardis controls yet, but incoming Doctor Who boss Chris Chibnall is apparently already eyeing her successor.


Well, sort of – we think Thirteen probably has a while to go before she has to worry about someone nabbing her sonic screwdriver – but the Broadchurch creator couldn’t resist a bit of fantasy casting at last night’s TV Choice awards, naming the one woman who he believed could RISE to the occasion.


Yes, that’s right – according to TV Choice, Chibnall offered the future 14th Doctor role to erstwhile Bake Off judge Mary Berry, saying during the ceremony that if she wanted to play the next incarnation of the Time Lord she should see him after the event.

And while we’re not sure whether Mary would really have the time to go zipping around the universe, we definitely appreciate the idea of the Doctor FINALLY bringing peace to the galaxy by baking everyone some gorgeous macaroons.

Plus, if nothing else, maybe Berry’s Fourteenth Doctor could finally nail the recipe for Rob’s Dalek biscuit tower. Let’s make this happen.


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