Channel 4’s robot drama Humans gets a third series

The sci-fi starring Gemma Chan and Colin Morgan will be back following some US success


In synth-ly wonderful news for sci-fi robot fans, Channel 4’s Humans is set to boot up again for a third series.


Created by Channel 4 and US network AMC, the series stars Gemma Chan, Emily Berrington, Katherine Parkinson and Colin Morgan among others, and revolves around a world where robot servants (or “synths”) begin to develop consciousness and humanity. Humans aired its second series late last year in the UK, and is currently still showing in the US.

“We’re thrilled to be continuing this story!” series creators Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley said in a release. “The Humans audience will know that the end of series 2 changed everything.

“We can’t wait to bring this new world to life – along with the best cast in TV, our amazing partners at [production company] Kudos and two fantastically supportive broadcasters in Channel 4 and AMC.”

“I can’t wait to see what the extraordinarily talented Sam and Jon do next with this show – no doubt it will be as insightful, surprising and addictive as ever,” added Beth Willis, Channel 4’s Head of Drama.

“It’s a privilege to work with them, Kudos, AMC and our superb cast once again.”

Humans’ third series had originally been in some doubt, as after a successful first series (which broke a Channel 4 drama record with its launch episode, attracting 6.81 million viewers) the second run of episodes had seen interest drop off, attracting a lesser 3.4 million viewers for the first episode which dipped to 2.2m by the finale (also the average consolidated audience for the series).

However, the later US airing appears to have bolstered the series, with strong critical notices favourably comparing Humans to rival HBO robot drama Westworld. The Hollywood Reporter said the series “continues to expand and redefine the genre in dramatically creative and human ways,” while Vulture even called it “the most compelling, emotionally resonant robot-centric show on television.” Someone clearly hasn’t been watching Robot Wars.

Still, we’re sure many fans will be happy to see their favourite series return, no matter what the reasoning. They’re only human, after all.


Humans will return to Channel 4