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Brie Larson is desperate to play this iconic videogame character

If there’s ever a Metroid Prime movie, we may have found our Samus Aran

Samus Aran Brie Larson
Published: Saturday, 25th July 2020 at 9:54 am

After playing Captain Marvel, you might think that Brie Larson had had her fill of spacefaring, ass-kicking heroes – but apparently, she still has her eye on another classic pop culture character.


Appearing on Gary Whitta’s “Animal Talking” virtual chat show (where the Rogue One screenwriter stages a TV show through the medium of videogame Animal Crossing) Larson revealed that she’s keen on playing iconic videogame hero Samus Aran in a film adaptation, after previously dressing as the Metroid character for Halloween.

“I would love that so much," Larson said. "So, I was Samus for Halloween two years ago… It was literally a $20 costume I bought off of Amazon, it was like nothing. I was so excited about it, and so I posted a picture of it on Instagram of me and the costume and it turned into this thing of people being like ‘woah!’

Within the outer-space gameplay of the Metroid game series, Samus Aran is a galactic bounty hunter with a powerful exoskeleton who hunts space pirates, Metroids and other foes in a number of games released by Nintendo.

First appearing in the 1986 game Metroid Samus was one of the first female protagonists in videogames, and her popularity has continued over the years since. Over the past few decades new Metroid games as well as appearances in spin-off Nintendo fighting game Super Smash Bros and its sequels have raised her profile, both in her suited, robot-like appearance and her blue "zero suit" look.

“She was always my character that I played in Super Smash Bros. and I just loved her,” Larson said. “So that whole thing started and I’ve definitely not put a squash to that story and I definitely want to make that movie, I definitely want to participate in that. So, Nintendo, once again, I would love to do it!"


While no plans for a Metroid or Samus Aran movie are currently in development, considering Larson’s enthusiasm (and the success of Nintendo’s Detective Pikachu and SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog movie), we’d say they’d be fools not to try and make this happen. Game on!


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