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This video claims to contain every Black Mirror Easter Egg from seasons 1 to 4

Basically, always read the news reels in Black Mirror

Published: Thursday, 4th January 2018 at 2:22 pm

Have you been paying attention to Black Mirror? And we mean really paying attention to Black Mirror?


Have you spotted all of these Easter Eggs that popped up across the four seasons of Charlie Brooker's futuristic techno-fear anthology?

Some are incredibly well-hidden – so well-hidden that you almost need a microscopic HD camera to see them. But Screen Crush have compiled what they claim to be an exhaustive breakdown of self-referential callbacks to previous moments from the series hidden within it.

Are there any you didn't spot? Or any they didn't...?

Apparently it was in season two's Be Right Back when the episodes linked together for the very first time with a reference to UKNews – the same news organisation from the very first episode, The National Anthem.

Meanwhile the song Anyone Who Knows What Love Is recurs throughout different episodes, including in White Christmas, 15 Million Merits and Men Against Fire.

There are also references to Waldo littered throughout the seasons, and the same futuristic pregnancy test even appears in both White Christmas and Be Right Back.

But these are just the obvious ones.

To properly hunt out these eggs you need to zoom right in to the news tickers on screens throughout Black Mirror, as here's where superfans will find nods to stories about Prime Minister Michael Callow getting divorced, killer Victoria Skillane having her appeal bid rejected and MP Liam Monroe having his Twitter account hacked.


Black Mirror season 4 is available on Netflix now


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