A very brief history of the Master in Doctor Who

Watch John Simm and other Masters past in this brilliant Who mash-up


Before there was Missy, there was the Master. And before there was the Master, there was, well, another Master. Such is the way with Doctor Who.


Thankfully – we guess – the Doctor only has to deal with two Masters in this Saturday’s Doctor Who series 10 finale, with John Simm’s Master and Michelle Gomez’s Missy combining for one scorching finale.

But if you can’t wait until 6.30pm on BBC1, why not take a look back at some of the Master’s greatest moments with this ‘Master Class’ in Who montage.

Can you spot your favourite moment from the John Simm era?

And if you’re still filling time you can watch the man himself discuss his surprise return to Doctor Who below – and see how he pulled off that remarkable disguise.


The Doctor Who series 10 finale begins on Saturday at 6.30pm on BBC1. Remind yourself of last week’s episode with our roundup of the biggest questions from World Enough and Time here.