John Simm’s best moment as The Master in Doctor Who – as voted for by you

The rebel Time Lord's slight turn to the good side has come out top in the poll


The votes have been counted and verified: John Simm’s best moment as The Master is…SOUND OF THE DRUMS, PLEASE… his apparent redemption.


Yes, out of all the villainous plans he unpacked within his five episodes of Doctor Who, the rogue Gallifreyan’s one good endeavour at the close of 2010’s The End of Time came out top. In our poll, 21.79% of you voted for the scene where The Master drained his own life force to (seemingly) protect the Doctor from Time Lord Rassilon (Timothy Dalton) as the character’s best.

And what a fitting winner. Not only does the moment perfectly portray the complexity of this classic Doctor Who foe and give a stage to Simm’s scene-stealing presence, but it also serves as a fantastic reminder before this Saturday’s episode: the scene is the last we saw of the renegade Time Lord before he returns to our screens in the upcoming Cyberman-packed finale.

How did The Master survive the hell of the Time War? Has he actually changed his feelings towards The Doctor? And just how will Missy react to meeting her past regeneration? So many questions, even more excitement.

However, the poll suggests you weren’t just fans of Simm’s more moral side. The Master’s apparent redemption was in a very tight race with a darker moment in our survey of over 1,200 Whovians. Taking 19.95% of the vote and second place was the time Simm’s character became the PM and playfully gassed his cabinet to death.

Then at 13.46% came The Master’s musical invasion of earth (‘Here Come the Drums’), and at 13.3% was another tuneful sequence: Simm’s dancing to the Sister Sisters’ I Can’t Decide.

And the final slot you chose for your top five went to the scene when the Doctor and Master reunited for the first time in over a decade with a flirty and downright sombre phonecall (8.89% of the vote).

By the end of this series, we’re expecting to have a whole new string of quotations and memories to compete for The Master’s top moment.

Admit it: if Simm stays true to form you’d gladly offer him a kiss come the finale’s close…


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 this Saturday 24th June at 6:45pm