The Master and Missy come face-to-face in this new Doctor Who trailer

And it's not quite the meeting of the Masters we expected…


If John Simm’s brief appearance in the Doctor Who episode 11 trailer wasn’t enough Master for you, then we have good news – because there’s a new teaser making the rounds that shows off even more of World Enough and Time with new evil Time Lord action.


The new footage (which comes from a special BBC America teaser) features Pearl Mackie’s Bill lost in a terrifying hospital where the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) may be no more than a hallucination, the origins of the Mondasian Cybermen and a spaceship where time itself is counting against our heroes, and it all looks very exciting.

However, we’re betting fans will be most intrigued to see our first on-screen meeting of the Masters, which seems to involve Simm and Gomez’ incarnations pulling their best Strictly and ballroom dancing their way to acts of even more evil.

As the old saying goes, the Devil has the best tunes – so who’s to say the bad guys wouldn’t have the smoothest moves as well?


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 this Saturday 24th June at 6.45pm