Doctor Who and Star Wars have a lot of overlap, from their themes and settings down to the sci-fi fans who love them both. But they also share a few members of their cast – and you might be surprised who’s popped up in both universes.


Sure, we might not have seen Harrison Ford jet off in the Tardis (we’re sure he’ll get to it once he finally receives all our handwritten suggestions), but there have been plenty of actors who’ve traded the Time Vortex for a galaxy far, far away (or vice versa), starting with...

1. Matt Smith

Matt Smith in Doctor Who as The Doctor, standing in front of the TARDIS.
Matt Smith in Doctor Who (BBC, TL) BBC

While it's not been officially confirmed yet, reports suggest that the Eleventh Doctor himself, aka actor Matt Smith, will be playing "a key role" in 2019's Star Wars Episode IX.

Technically he wouldn't be the first incarnation of the Time Lord to embody a character in a galaxy far, far away – as you can read below, Tenth Doctor David Tennant lent his voice to one Star Wars TV character a few years ago – but he's definitely the biggest crossover the two franchises have seen so far.

2. Richard E Grant

Richard E Grant as The Great Intelligence in Doctor Who (BBC, HF)

Speaking of Smith, if rumours of his casting are true then he'll be sharing a Doctor Who reunion on the Episode IX set, thanks to the already-confirmed casting of Richard E Grant in another undisclosed role.

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In case you've forgotten, Grant played classic Who foe The Great Intelligence opposite Smith from 2012-2013 in the BBC sci-fi series, and his Doctor Who pedigree doesn't stop there – he also voiced the then-official "Ninth Doctor" in the animated Scream of the Shalka series that debuted in 2003 ahead of the series' proper TV return two years later.

And that's STILL not all – because Grant also played a future incarnation of the Doctor in Steven Moffat's iconic Curse of Fatal Death sketch for Comic Relief, alongside the likes of Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson and Joanna Lumley.

3. Felicity Jones

The Theory of Everything actress has become a prized Hollywood star since her days appearing on The Archers, so it’s no surprise she was cast as as the rebellious Jyn Erso in Star Wars spin-off movie Rogue One.


And, as any Doctor Who fan knows, she played a master thief in 2008 Agatha Christie-themed episode The Unicorn and the Wasp. What a CV.