17 Doctor Who fans who just can’t handle Jodie Whittaker’s first teaser trailer

The first look at the Thirteenth Doctor’s adventures has fans VERY excited

Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker (BBC, HF)

The first teaser trailer for Jodie Whittaker’s new series of Doctor Who has just arrived, and while it’s still sinking in it’s fair to say that a lot of fans are very excited by it.


And when we say excited we mean EXCITED, as in running-up-the-walls, crying-with-joy and creating custom gifs within 10 minutes excited, with Whovians around the world sharing their joy on social media at seeing Whittaker’s Time Lord in action for the first time since last Christmas.

While there was plenty of love for new companions Yasmin, Graham and Ryan it was unsurprisingly Whittaker who was singled out for the lion’s share of praise, with many fans itching to see more of her Doctor even though she only appeared in the teaser for a few seconds at the end.

Meanwhile, other fans were impressed by the style and upscale cinematography of the teaser, hoping they hinted at great things for the new series.

Of course, given that it was only a taster with no footage from the series itself, this teaser didn’t give too much away about what adventures we’d be seeing for this new Tardis team – but overall, fans were happy enough to get a brief glimpse into the new take on the Whoniverse, even without any juicy secrets.

And after all, as many pointed out Doctor Who may yet release a full trailer during its San Diego Comic-con panel next week. And when that happens, well, we’re going to need a MUCH bigger scale for excitement levels. Our charts just don’t go that high yet.


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this autumn