11 tweets that perfectly sum up the reaction to this week’s Doctor Who

Punching racists! Making speeches! The Time Lord was on good form in this week’s episode


This week’s episode of Doctor Who saw the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) head back in time to 1814’s great frost fair on the frozen river Thames, and viewers were loving the period setting.


Especially if it means getting Peter Capaldi into the most appropriate of headgear…

The Doctor and Bill discovered that under the ice there was a chained-up sea creature, who was feeding on unlucky fairgoers – including one young pickpocket, much to the surprise of viewers.

Whoever thought we’d be applauding Doctor Who for killing off a child before 8pm? What strange people we are.

Anyway, the whole thing was building up to two hugely satisfying moments, which set the internet alight. Moment 1 – the Doctor punching out the lights of baddie Lord Sutcliffe (Nicholas Burns), who was feeding people to the creature AND had a sideline in racism.

And then came moment two – the Doctor making a powerful speech about the value of human life, which seemed particularly relevant in troubled political times.

In the end the Doctor and Bill saved the day, some lovable street urchins were rehomed and everything worked out just fine (except for Lord Sutcliffe) – and fans were happy to see the series continue in its purple patch of great episodes.

Here’s hoping next week’s spooky-looking episode makes them four for four.


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 on Saturdays at 7.20pm