10 brilliantly weird Marvel fan theories that will shake up your cinematic universe

Is Loki the villain behind all the Marvel baddies? Could Groot be a god?


Is the Red Skull still alive? Could Stan Lee be one of the extraterrestrials known as The Watchers? Is Groot an immortal deity? Probably not. But that hasn’t stopped Marvel fan theorists speculating potential plot twists in The Avengers: Infinity War and beyond.


Sure, a lot of these suggestions give logic a Hulk-like beating – the ‘Captain America’s Peggy Carter is Tony Stark’s actual mother’ theory being one offender here. But there are also many speculations, based on comic book lore and sound reasoning, that may unlock the secrets of MCU films to come.

For example, could Captain America die in his next outing with the Avengers? Or could the reality stone be used to recast established characters such as Iron Man? Interesting questions that might not lead to a solid answer, but will still get your noggin whirring nonetheless.


Don’t believe us? Have a look at 10 of these theories, handily summarised by Screenrant…