Although there have been several instalments in the Predator franchise since the original film was released in 1987, so far no lead actors have gone on to reprise their roles in subsequent films.


In Prey, the upcoming prequel set in 1719, the lead role goes to Amber Midthunder – with the Legion star playing Naru, a member of a Native American tribe who finds herself doing battle with the iconic extra-terrestrial.

So could Midthunder be the first lead in the franchise's history to return for another film later down the line? put that question to her in a recent exclusive interview ahead of Prey's release and her response was rather coy.

"I really enjoyed doing this one..." she replied, before producer Jhane Myers cut in with another suggestion for what Midthunder's next role should be.

"I think she deserves to be a Disney princess," she said.

"Who, me?" joked Midthunder, "I would take that title, sure!"

Meanwhile, Midthunder also talked about how "exciting" she found it to be playing the lead in a franchise film that puts Native Americans front and centre.

"Having a female native action hero is something that you rarely, or maybe we never have seen," she said.

"And just to watch Dan [Trachtenberg, director] and 20th Century get behind a movie like that, I think is an incredible vote of confidence toward us.

Prey (2022)
20th Century Studios

"The effort they've put toward the Comanche Nation and being open and teachable and respectful towards how to incorporate the culture best in the movie – I think that it's amazing.

"And I think it really proves the point of how valuable we are to the cinema space, you know, we have been storytelling for all of our history, like, that's our medium, this is where we thrive.

"I think it's really just showcasing the value that indigenous people are to film and television."

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