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Vote for your favourite Game of Thrones season 4 moment

Another year, another load of great scenes to vote for

Published: Friday, 15th July 2016 at 10:00 am

We were still picking up the pieces after season three's shock ending - but which moments were your favourites? Check out the reminders below, and then get voting!


Note: You can vote more than once and for more than one moment if you refresh the page – winners will be chosen for the top 10 by net number of votes, so more than one per season can make the final tally.

(Contains scenes of violence and strong language).

S4 e1 – "Every f***ing chicken"

The Hound’s foul-mouthed tirade at Lannister soldiers (and subsequent brutal battle with them) has remained a fan-favourite scene ever since.

S4 e2 – The mini-War of the Five Kings


The show Joffrey hired for his wedding was a cruel slight to Tyrion, but provided a brilliantly meta recap of the series for viewers.

S4 e2 – The death of Joffrey

Never was the death of a young man so welcomed by TV audiences – though Cersei’s grief gave the spectacle a more somber air than you might expect.

S4 e4 – The Night’s King revealed


The blood-curdling leader of the White Walkers was unveiled in a perfectly-paced scene as he apparently transformed a human baby.

S4 e6 – Tyrion’s trial speech

Years of prejudice faced by Tyrion finally boiled over in this stirring scene, when the Lannister Lord spoke back to his critics in a bitter speech that deservedly won Peter Dinklage an Emmy.

S4 e7 – Petyr pushes Lysa through the Moon Door

The unpleasant Lysa Arryn got her comeuppance at the hands of new husband Littlefinger in yet another surprising Game of Thrones death.

S4 e8 –The Mountain vs the Viper

Oberyn Martell, we hardly knew ye. The fan-favourite Dornish Prince charmed viewers worldwide when he joined the series for season four, only for his triumphant near-victory in Tyrion’s trial by combat to go badly, head-squishingly wrong.

S4 e9 – The sword in the darkness

Prepare your spine to be chilled – the recitation by Grenn and the Night’s Watch of their oath as they prepared to fight off a Giant is a scene none of us will forget.

S4 e10 – Brienne vs the Hound

Swordsmanship gives way to brutality as the two fearsome warriors fight for the right to protect Arya.


S4 e10 – Tyrion kills Tywin

Tyrion finally got revenge on his father for years of emotional abuse.


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