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Vote for your favourite Game of Thrones season 3 moment

As the characters rolled on to their third season, which scenes had you the most gripped?

Published: Friday, 15th July 2016 at 10:00 am

Season three was a big year in Game of Thrones for all sorts of reasons – but which of these momentous moments should claim the crown? Check out the reminders below, and then get voting!


Note: You can vote more than once and for more than one moment if you refresh the page – winners will be chosen for the top 10 by net number of votes, so more than one per season can make the final tally.

(Contains scenes of violence).

S3 e3 – Jaime Lannister loses a hand

The Kingslayer was dismembered in a memorable scene that came almost out of nowhere and was swiftly accompanied by a jaunty song. Not your average Game of Thrones shocking moment.

S3 e4 – Varys’ origin story

Tyrion learned the true depths of Varys’ ruthlessness and planning when the Spider told the story of the sorcerer who castrated him – only to reveal that said wizard had just been delivered to him for revenge.

S3 e4 – “Dracarys”

In perhaps Daenerys’ most impressive moment to date, the Mother of Dragons won herself an army of Unsullied and liberated the slaving city of Astapor as she torched the despicable Kraznys.

S3 e4 – The Hound vs Beric Dondarrian


This clash is brilliantly choreographed, and is only improved by the presence of a burning sword.

S3 e5 – Robb executes Lord Karstark


The former King in the North’s run of bad luck continued as he found himself forced to execute one of his most powerful allies in an atmospheric and charged scene.

S3 e5 – Jaime tells Brienne about the Mad King

We finally got some more backstory on how the Kingslayer earned his nickname in a powerful piece of acting from Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

S3 e6 – Jon and Ygritte climb the Wall

This expertly shot scene ended with one of Game of Thrones’ few utterly heartwarming moments, as young lovers Jon and Ygritte shared a kiss while looking over Westeros, the camera panning away to show their view.

S3 e7 – Brienne fights a bear


No animals were harmed in the making of this scene – but Brienne got pretty scratched up before Jaime rediscovered enough of his chivalry to rescue her.

S3 e8 – Sam kills a White Walker

Sam Tarly discovered his bravery in this terrifying close-up scene with one of the White Walkers.

S3 e9 – The Red Wedding


Is this still the most horrific Game of Thrones event to date? For some, the surprising butchering of Robb, Talisa and Catelyn Stark at the Red Wedding is still the depressing standard to which the rest of the series is held.


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