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Lucifer's Tom Ellis on "the Lazarus" of TV shows: "6 is definitely the final season"

The Lucifer said has confirmed the Netflix series won't return for a further run.

Tom Ellis stars in Lucifer season five on Netflix
Published: Friday, 21st August 2020 at 9:59 am

Speak of the devil: Lucifer star Tom Ellis has reiterated that the sixth season of the Netflix fantasy show will definitely be the drama’s last. Really, this time.


Although some fans were hoping the series could be resurrected – as it was in 2016 (after being dropped by Fox) with Lucifer season 5 part 2 dropping in May 2021 – the star has indicated viewers shouldn’t hope for another miracle.

“I know we’re the Lazarus of TV shows, but this is definitely going to be the final season,” Ellis recently told The Guardian.

He also added that a sixth season was actually one more than he had expected from Netflix: “I’d planned to spend this [fifth] season in my own grieving process. And then, right towards the end, literally as we’d already devised how we would end our show, we had a call from Netflix saying: ‘Would you like to go another season?’”

The Lucifer cast lead opened up about the #SaveLucifer campaign, the social media movement that took Twitter by storm when the series was first axed. Ellis revealed that although he was a vocal supporter of the effort – even appearing on BBC’s Newsnight to discuss it – at the time he was advised against offering his support.

“It was a strange time, because I was putting myself out there against my better judgment. Against the advice of some of my team, even,” he said.

“Everyone kept saying: ‘It’s very, very unlikely that this will happen.’ And I’m still going: ‘So you’re saying there’s a chance?’”

Lucifer season five had originally been commissioned as a final 10-episode season by Netflix, before it was greenlit for a further six episodes. The streaming giant announced a sixth series earlier this year.

The first half of Lucifer season 5 drops is available to stream on Netflix from Friday 12st August. You can catch up on seasons 1-3 on Amazon Prime Video. Sign up for Amazon Prime for £7.99 a month with a 30-day free trial. Lucifer season 4 is available on Netflix.


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