It’s two for the price of one when Lucifer returns as the latest season five trailer dropped a major bombshell for Netflix’s demonic drama.


While Deckerstar shippers were overjoyed that Lauren German’s Chloe Decker and the Morningstar man himself look like they'll finally make good on all that sexual tension, the celebrations were short-lived when the trailer revealed it’s actually Lucifer's twin brother, Michael, getting close to Chloe.

But before fans start sharpening their pitchforks and pointing them at the writers, an alternate trailer teased that Lucifer and Chloe will still get a steamy reunion at some point in the next run of episodes.

After years of waiting, Chloe and Lucifer finally locked lips in the season four finale and admitted they had feelings for each other. Well, that was before Lucifer hot-tailed it back to hell to sit on his throne as the ruler of the underworld. As the trailer showed, Chloe’s reunion with "Lucifer" during a tense shootout lead to her passionately kissing him and picking up where they left off. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s Michael who gets the girl (at least in the first part of season five).

Posting on Twitter though, eagle-eyed fans have thanked Netflix Asia for spoiling a potentially major twist and a happy ending of sorts for Deckerstar. (Tom Ellis is pulling double duty as both Lucifer and Michael, and while an American accent and some acting nuances are set to differentiate the pair, it has made deciphering the trailer a little tricky.)

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Thankfully, the Netflix Asia trailer has given an expanded version of the later scene where things heat up in Lucifer’s apartment. There’s a moment of Chloe wearing her shootout outfit and asking "What do you truly desire?" before it cuts to her and Lucifer/Michael kissing. The difference is the apartment kiss features Chloe in a different outfit to their first meeting but engaging in a similarly passionate embrace, aka it’s the first time she’s been reunited with actual Lucifer.

Viewers were quick to pick up on the differences and start planning their wedding outfits for Lucifer's long-awaited golden couple.

When it comes to season five, many thought the casting of Dennis Haysbert as God would put a twist on the classic tale of good versus evil and feature God as the de facto villain of season five. Instead, Michael (Twocifer) is neatly filling that role.

It’s important to remember the twist of Lucifer’s even more villainous brother wreaking havoc is one pulled directly from the pages of DC Comics. However, with the show veering wildly from the source material, no one was quite sure whether Netflix would follow suit. One thing's for sure – assuming Lucifer manages to escape the bowels of hell in the first half of season five, there’s sure to be a fiery reunion between the brothers that will set up a climactic sibling showdown.

Tom Ellis and

The trailers have confirmed Deckerstar is edging closer than ever before, but on a show like Lucifer, how long will it last? The cynics among the Lucifans have guessed there’s a typically bittersweet ending on the horizon. Although it doesn’t mean Netflix will be going full Game of Thrones and obliterate the past four years of work, it would be a particularly devilish twist to have the pair being denied their happy ending at the last minute.

Either way, Lucifer season five has been split into two parts -- meaning there are 16 more episodes on the way -- while the streaming giant has also commissioned the hit series for a sixth and final season. That means there’s presumably plenty more of this Lucifer love triangle on the way and time for Ellis to... erm... perfect that American accent.

By the looks of it, Ellis and German had better get used to practicing puckering up as some form of Deckerstar finally crawls its way out of the hellfire. You know what they say though, three's a crowd!


Lucifer season 5 drops Friday, 21st August on Netflix – check out our lists of the best TV shows on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix, or see what else is on with our TV Guide