They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and with Lucifer season 5 part 2 getting ready to claw itself out of the depths of development hell, there’s a grim prospect that things might not end well for Lauren German’s Chloe Decker and Tom Ellis’ steamy Lucifer Morningstar when the hit series returns.


Serving as the show’s very own Ross and Rachel, Chloe and Lucifer have been dubbed "Deckerstar" during Lucifer’s troubled run. When Netflix last left Lucifer, the man himself realised Chloe was his first love but turned her away as he headed to hell to rule the underworld. Although it’s hardly the place you’d expect romance to blossom, this is the already gloomy world of Lucifer.

Over on Reddit, Lucifans have been speculating what’s coming next. In an ideal TV world, Chloe and Lucifer would get their fairytale farewell, but in a show where one of you is an immortal demon and the other a mere mortal, that can cause some problems ironing out the kinks in a relationship.

Co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich dropped a cryptic tweet of what Deckerstar can expect in season five with a chain of emojis that included a key, a fist, and a kiss. Doing some sleuthing, the implication is Chloe is the key to something (possibly Lucifer escaping hell), some sort of fight, and a romantic entanglement.

The Lucifer-esque option would find Chloe in the bowels of hell in season five. A possible route to take is Chloe kicking the bucket and joining her beloved in the land of fire and brimstone. How she’d get there doesn’t bear thinking about, but some sort of villainous turn could secure Chloe a one-way ticket to hell.

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Remember when Buffy the Vampire Slayer gave viewers Dark Willow? If Chloe’s usually angelic halo slips, she can take the title as "Queen of Hell" and rule by Lucifer’s side. Redditor u/Raqisasim reminded fans that there is still the issue of Trixie to consider. A devoted mother like Chloe wouldn’t leave her daughter behind by choice, meaning another devastating twist on the horizon.

Dennis Haysbert
Dennis Haysbert, set to play God in Lucifer season five NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

One person sure to have an integral role in all of this is God himself. After being given the nod since the very beginning of Lucifer - back in the days when it was on FOX - Dennis Haysbert finally has the honour of playing the man himself. It’s no secret Lucifer has some serious daddy issues with God, which could lead to a showdown of epic proportions. Picture the scene of Chloe dying, only to strike a deal with God (instead of striking a deal with the Devil) to be returned to Earth.

Exchanging her own happy ending just to get Lucifer back seems like a pretty logical path to take. That way, there’s still the shock character death of Chloe, something of a will she/won’t she period, rounding off with a heartwarming reunion before the final credits roll.

Sticking with heaven being a key location in the show’s endgame, Chloe and Lucifer also have the opportunity to rule as king and queen of heaven - taking over when the big guy decides to retire. Adding fuel to the fire are the apparent tests God has been sending Amenadiel’s way as a possible search for a successor. Of course, this could be a ruse with an altogether more "devilish" plan is on the cards. Deckerstar might be split as Lucifer ascends to heaven to take over from God and is forced to watch Chloe from above.

Thanks to a blessing from DB Woodside’s Amenadiel, Chloe has the unique ability to render immortals vulnerable. This has led to wild speculation Chloe is actually an angel. Redditor Rrock05 thinks Chloe is a celestial but hasn’t been able to enter heaven or hell because she hasn’t died yet. Either way, all roads point to God’s previous warning that Deckerstar always has been, and always will be, destined to end up becoming a reality. That doesn’t mean it had to be a happy reality. Who knows, maybe there’ll be a Pirates of the Caribbean / Elizabeth-and-Will situation where Lucifer is only allowed to visit?

A sticky end for Chloe in season five would’ve made the perfect tragic arc – however, the recent announcement that Netflix has just renewed the fiery favourite for a sixth and final season throws a spanner in the works. Ultimately, a two-season arc leading to Chloe’s demise, or even her perishing in season five and Lucifer spending the final run of episodes in mourning, is equally possible.

With Lucifer burning toward its August release date, fans can bet things are going to start heating up when the satanic series returns. Don't start shopping for those Deckerstar wedding hats just yet!


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