Lucifer season 5 soundtrack: All the songs featured in Netflix’s fantasy drama

Complete your Lucifer-themed playlist with our handy guide to season five.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German star in Lucifer on Netflix

Lucifer season five is finally available on Netflix and fans are wasting no time getting started on their epic binge watching sessions.


As you power your way through the eight new episodes, you may notice a few groovy songs that you can’t quite place, but has you covered.

Here you’ll find all of the major songs featured in part one of Lucifer season five on Netflix, ranging from the dulcet tones of Sharon Van Etten to the distinctive rock of Iggy Pop, and some very retro tunes for an experimental noir episode.

Here is the Lucifer season five soundtrack:

Episode 1: Really Sad Devil Guy

‘Shake That Bottle’ by Deorra & Hektor Mass
Playing on the cruise ship at the start of the episode.

‘With Me (Edit)’ by Uplink feat. Reece Lemonius
Playing in the club while Maze and Chloe are partying.

‘No Limits’ by Royal Deluxe
When Lucifer arrives at the high stakes poker game.

‘Higher’ by BHAVIOR
Playing in Lux while Amenadiel attempts his drug bust.

‘Champions’ by Fire Choir
When Lucifer takes on a pack of home invaders.

‘Happy Together’ by King Princess & Mark Ronson
Plays at the end of the episode over a montage.

Episode 2: Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!

Tom Ellis plays Lucifer in season five on Netflix

‘Atomise’ by Temples
Plays over the opening scene, as a murder is committed.

‘A Moment With You (Original Mix)’ by Tropical Bleyage
As Michael arrives at the penthouse apartment.

‘Warrior’ by Las Palmas
During the car chase.

‘When I Get My Hands On You’ by The New Basement Tapes
During a steamy scene between Chloe and Lucifer.

‘On The Run’ by Timecop1983
Retro tune playing in Lux.

‘Darkside’ by Oshins feat. Hael
Plays at the end of the episode.

Episode 3: ¡Diablo!

‘Are You Ready?’ by Kat Meoz
As Lucifer makes his grand return to the LAPD.

‘Don’t Let Me Down’ by Stella and the Storm
While Lucifer and Decker investigate a lead at a motel.

Episode 4: It Never Ends Well for the Chicken

Lucifer stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German in the noir episode of season five (Netflix)
Lucifer stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German in the noir episode of season five (Netflix)

‘The Hurry Up’ by Ted Heath and His Orchestra
Plays over 1940s New York.

‘I Want to be Evil’ by Eartha Kitt (performed by Lesley-Ann Brandt)
Lilith’s nightclub performance.

‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ by Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald (performed by Lesley-Ann Brandt and Tom Ellis)
Lilith and Lucifer’s collaborative performance at the club.

‘This Is Ours’ by Peter Sivo Band
Played as Lucifer and Lilith say goodbye.

Episode 5: Detective Amenadiel

‘Candy’ by Iggy Pop
Played at the beginning of the episode.

‘Personal Jesus’ by Depeche Mode
At the scene of the murder at the nunnery.

‘This Year’s Love’ by Jasmine Thompson
Lucifer and Chloe share a moment sat at the piano.

Episode 6: BluBallz

‘Woman and War’ by Blaine Smithson
Playing at the rave where a murder takes place.

‘Tether Me’ by Galleaux
At the end of the episode.

Episode 7: Our Mojo

‘Are You Ready’ by Grand Mystic
Lucifer, Chloe and Ella discuss evidence.

‘Electric Lady’ by Wine Lips
Maze and Amenadiel get into a fight.

‘Round and Round’ by Cannons
Maze drinks at Lux.

‘Inside’ by Chris Avantgarde feat. Red Rosamond
Lucifer and Chloe talk on the penthouse balcony, but are dramatically interrupted.

Episode 8: Spoiler Alert

“The End of the World” by Sharon Van Etten
Played over slow motion segment at the start of the episode.


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