Since joining the cast of Lucifer in season two, Aimee Garcia has become a beloved member of the family among fans for her portrayal of the LAPD's resident forensics expert Ella Lopez.


In her time working closely with Tom Ellis' crime-solving devil, her colleagues Dan Espinoza and Chloe Decker have discovered that he is the actual Lord of Hell – but she's yet to get the memo.

When she first meets Lucifer, she believes that he is a method actor preparing to play the devil in an upcoming project and her conclusion hasn't changed all that much despite evidence starting to pile up.

At this point, the show often jokes about Ella's obliviousness to all things celestial and her willingness to go along with the most ridiculous stories.

For example, when Lucifer brings in a feather from some angel wings for confidential analysis, she believes he has hit an emu with his car and is trying to discretely handle the situation.

Some fans had expected Ella to discover his true nature in Lucifer season five part two, so they may be surprised to hear that she remains blissfully unaware of his identity by the series finale.

She even meets God (played by Dennis Haysbert) in the latest instalment, who gives her some warm words of support when she finds her faith tested, but she believes him to be simply Lucifer's human father.

Ella is a devout Catholic, which means it might be for the best that she doesn't know who Lucifer really is, as if she found out it could spell the end of their fond friendship.

Nevertheless, one has to wonder if showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson could drop the bombshell on Ella in the upcoming sixth (and final) season, as it would certainly add some dramatic heft to the last chapter.

Ella has been particularly reliant on her LAPD family recently as she has struggled to come to terms with earth-shattering events such as the death of Charlotte Richards and a traumatic encounter with murderous boyfriend Pete Daily.

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You might think that Lucifer and Ella would not naturally get along, given her devotion to the deity he once led an uprising against, but they actually have a very close friendship.

Ella is one of the most widely liked personalities on the LAPD team, frequently brightening people's days with her positive energy and quirky sense of humour.

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