Meet the cast of Julie and the Phantoms

Everything you need to know about the stars of Kenny Ortega's new musical series for Netflix.


Kenny Ortega has become the master of the teen musical – having helmed the Hugh School Musical and Descendants trilogies for Disney – and now the acclaimed choreographer is brining his talents to Netflix for a brand new series.


Julie and the Phantoms is based on a Brazilian TV series and follows a teenager who rediscovers her love of music after she forms a band with three ghosts.

There is a fairly large ensemble cast involved – read on for everything you need to know about the main players, including who they’re playing and where you might have seen them before.

Madison Reyes plays Julie


Who is Julie? Julie is fifteen and sometimes feels like she struggles to fit in at her high school, especially after her mother passed away. The death has had a profound impact on Julie, even seeing her lose her passion for music. But all that changes when she meets the phantoms, who reignite the spark and set her on a musical road to recovery.

What else has Madison Reyes been in? This is Reyes’ first major role – she is a total newcomer to the screen. She has ambitions to one day perform on Broadway.

Charlie Gillespie plays Luke


Who is Luke? One of the phantoms, Luke is a likeable guitarist who appears from the outside to be extremely confident. However that confidence is hiding come insecurities, and in truth he is something of a sensitive romantic.

What else has Charlie Gillespie been in? Gillespie is probably best known for playing Brian in two episodes of the 2018 reboot of Charmed, while other credits include roles in the series 2nd Generation and the film Runt.

Owen Joyner plays Alex


Who is Alex? Another of the band members, Alex is a drummer and is described as the emotional glue that holds the band together, while he is talented, neurotic, and self-deprecating.

What else has Owen Joyner been in? Joyner previously found fame in a couple of Nickelodeon series: he played Crispo Powers in 100 Things to Do Before High School and Arc in Knight Squad.

Jeremy Shada plays Reggie


Who is Reggie? Easy-going bass player Reggie is described as an all round good guy, who is something of a prankster – while he is also very keen to leave a mark for himself in the music world.

What else has Jeremy Shada been in? You might not recognise Shada’s face but there’s a good chance his voice will be familiar – he voices Finn the Human in Adventure Time and Lance McClain in Voltron: Legendary Defender and has also had voice roles in films including ParaNorman and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Jadah Marie plays Flynn


Who is Flynn? Julie’s best friend, Flynn is a sarcastic high school student who is wise beyond her years and enjoys poetry and rap. When Julie first tells her of the ghosts she is extremely sceptical and slightly worried about her friend’s mental state – but she soon discovers that she was telling the truth.

What else has Jadah Marie been in? Marie is still very young but she already has a fair few credits to her name, having previously appeared as a main cast member on sitcom Mann & Wife in addition to small films roles in Ready Player One and Descendants 3.

Savannah May plays Carrie


Who is Carrie? Carrie is Julie’s nemesis who fronts her own group – an all girl ensemble called Dirty Candi. She will do anything to sabotage Julie, and is dating her crush, Nick.

What else has Savannah May been in? Previous credit for May include a main part on Nickelodeon series Knight Squad and the lead role in TV movie The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders.

Booboo Stewart plays Willie

Booboo Stewart plays Willie

Who is Willie? Willie is another ghost, he’s something of a cool guy and has now been skateboarding around Hollywood for decades. He helps Luke, Alex and Reggie to navigate the spirit world.

What else has Booboo Stewart been in? Stewart has made appearances in some pretty major franchises, having played Seth Clearwater in the Twilight Saga and Warpath in X-Men: Days of Future Past. He also plays one of the lead roles in the Disney musical film series Descendants – also directed by Kenny Ortega.

Carlos Ponce plays Ray

Who is Ray? Ray is Julie’s dad who works as an acclaimed photographer, and even though he too is grieving the loss of his wife he is always there for his daughter.

What else has Carlos Ponce been in? Ponce has a wealth of Spanish-language credits include appearing in several soap operas, and has appeared in films including Couples Retreat and Spy. Other small screen roles include regular roles in Hollywood Heights and Playing with Fire.

Cheyenne Jackson plays Caleb Covington

Who is Caleb Covington? Caleb may be charming, but he’s not all that he seems: this ghost from 1940’s Hollywood, who was an influential and inspirational performer before his death, should not be trusted.


What else has Cheyenne Jackson been in? Jackson is probably best known for his numerous stage roles, but his CV also includes several film and TV appearances. Those credits include films such as United 93 and Mutual Friends, while on the small screen he has appeared in four seasons of American Horror Story and had guest roles on 30 Rock and Glee.

Julie and the Phantoms comes to Netflix 10th September. In the meantime, check out the best series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix or visit our TV Guide for what else is on.