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James Cameron to finish Avatar sequel scripts within six weeks

The second, third and fourth instalments of the franchise are all in pre-production, Cameron shared on Reddit logo
Published: Monday, 14th April 2014 at 1:16 pm

James Cameron revealed during a Reddit Ask Me Anything session that he is currently working on all three scripts of the upcoming Avatar sequels and should be finished with them in the next six weeks.


“The second, third, and fourth films all go into production simultaneously,” he shared to Reddit users. “They’re essentially all in pre-production now because we are designing creatures, settings, and characters that span all three films. And we should be finished with all three scripts within the next, I would say, six weeks.”

Cameron wrote the original Avatar script alone, but this second (and third and fourth) time around, he's collaborating with a team of screenwriters to get the job done.

“The biggest pressure I feel right now is cutting out things I love to get the film down to a length that is affordable,” Cameron said.

Reddit users also asked Cameron whether he'll continue production of the films in 3D. His response?

“I believe all movies should be made in 3D, forever, but the projection needs to be better and brighter,” he said. “I want people to see in the movie theaters what I am seeing in my perfectly calibrated screening room and people aren’t seeing that. Larger formats. I’d love to see screens get bigger."


Production of Avatar 2 is set to begin this fall, with Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Stephen Lang returning to reprise their roles.


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