Here’s what your favourite Game of Thrones characters look like in the books

How closely do the TV versions fit the original descriptions from the A Song of Ice and Fire series?


A new video has compiled all the physical character descriptions from the Game of Thrones novels and compared them to our favourites from the TV series – and Maisie Williams may be offended to hear the image of Arya Stark she was meant to fit.


In the novels, Arya (nicknamed “Arya Horse Face”) is described as having a long face, plain looks, grey eyes and brown hair.

But casting directors seem to have taken some liberties in casting Williams, who is not the least big horsey. They’ve also eliminated a few other traits: did you know Khal Drogo was meant to have a drooping moustache? And Daenerys Targaryen should have had purple eyes?

Despite a few minor issues, casting directors have kept the characters pretty recognisable: see Eddard Stark with his long brown hair, solemn expression and closely trimmed beard (Sean Bean), Catelyn Stark with her flowing auburn tresses and plain clothing (Michelle Fairley), and Samwell Tarly with “plump sweaty fingers”, round face and round body (John Bradley-West).

Watch the full video for all 22 comparisons:


Season 7 of Game of Thrones will air later this year.