Here’s the first official picture of the Cursed Child from the new Harry Potter play

Dark times seem set to lie ahead for the Boy Who Lived on stage – but WHO IS HE? Or SHE?

J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter broke the bookshelves and the Box Office but the franchise is set to take the West End by storm next year when Harry Potter and The Cursed Child opens at The Palace Theatre.


And tonight we’ve FINALLY had our first sneak peek at the child in question.

The internet is already abuzz with chatter about who the boy/girl (it’s hard to tell, in fairness) in the black winged Snitch next could be – is it Lupin? Is it Snape? Or is it a brand new character we haven’t even met yet?

Rowling’s already given it her seal of approval anyway, so it must be fairly faithful to the tale, which is DEFINITELY not a prequel by the way.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child will be staged in two parts when it hits the West End next year. “If you see the play on a weekday, you’ll be able to see the second part within the same week,” a spokesperson for Rowling told “If you see it at the weekend, you’ll see it over the two consecutive days.”


Ticketing details have yet to be decided but if you’re hoping for news as soon as it breaks it’s best sign up for priority access to tickets via the official production website only – that’s