George RR Martin is still holding out for a Game of Thrones cameo

The author still remembers his failed attempt to pop up in series one too

George RR Martin

There are only two series of Game of Thrones left to go (can you believe it?) and author George RR Martin hasn’t given up hope that he might yet make a cameo appearance in the TV adaptation of his beloved novels.


Martin, who has yet to pen the conclusion to his Song of Ice and Fire, was asked by a fan if he would be popping up any time soon.

“Anything is possible” he wrote in reply via the comments on his blog, Not A Blog.

I wanted to be a severed head on the wall in season one, but turns out those severed heads are expensive to make” he added. “Instead we bought a Big Box o’ Used Heads, and got in all sorts of trouble.”

Martin was, of course, referring to an incident in 2012, when eagle-eyed viewers spotted that one of the fake heads was in fact that of former US president George W Bush.


Here’s hoping the author can find a way to make a less controversial cameo.