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Did HBO Spain accidentally air Game of Thrones episode 6 instead of episode 5?

¡Spoilers are coming!

Published: Wednesday, 16th August 2017 at 9:52 am

Disconnect your phones. Lock your doors. Turn off your internet (after reading this page, and preferably the rest of episode six of Game of Thrones appears to have leaked and there’s a Mountain of spoilers circulating online.


And it seems it's all thanks to HBO Spain, who according to viewers there accidentally aired episode six not five of the fantasy drama this week, even posting the episode online for an hour before removing. And since the internet moves faster than Jon Snow through Westeros recently, screenshots and spoilers of the episode have since been posted all over Reddit.

Although HBO told Insider they have no knowledge of a leak, unofficial fan site Watchers on the Wall warned fans to tread carefully.

Obviously this isn’t the first time HBO has struggled with the problem of episodes getting out early.

Four preview episodes were leaked during Game of Thrones' fifth season and the fourth episode of season seven found its way out from the show’s Indian distributor.

And HBO has also been under attack by hackers who stole 1.5 terabytes of data from the broadcaster, including unaired Game of Thrones scripts.

But an official subsidiary of HBO themselves leaking an episode is certainly new.


You had one job HBO Spain. One job!


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