Arcane co-creator teases live-action League of Legends adaptations

The animated series has won over existing fans and non-players.

Arcane season 1

The co-creator of Netflix’s hit League of Legends series Arcane has teased that a live-action adaptation of the wildly popular game may not be far away.


The critically acclaimed animated show provides a cinematic origin story for several major characters from the online video game, most notably Vi (Hawkeye‘s Hailee Steinfeld) and Jinx (Army of the Dead‘s Ella Purnell).

Arcane: League of Legends was recently picked up for a second season and is still currently sitting pretty in Netflix‘s Top Ten most-watched programmes here in the UK.

But while fans of the video game have plenty of content to chew over in the beautifully realised nine-episode first season, many will be left wondering if the world of ‘LoL’ will ever be brought into live-action.

When questioned on whether it’s best-suited to the medium of animation, Arcane co-creator Christian Linke said it “depends on the story”, but added that developer Riot Games will “definitely” be exploring opportunities for live-action projects moving forward.

“What’s so interesting about League to me as a creative is that there’s so many different genres and so many different tonalities and styles in our game with the different characters that we have,” he explained. “It goes from super whimsical, super quirky and cartoony to really grim and serious and from kind of high fantasy medieval to super sci-fi.”

Linke continued: “I think it just depends on the story. There’s going to be certain stories where we’re going to think about them and they’ll probably inspire us the most if we imagine them with a live-action production.

“For Alex [Yee, co-creator] and I, we’re gonna have our eyes on animation; it’s really the area that we know and the thing that we’re really passionate about. But there’s definitely going to be the desire for Riot to explore stories in live-action and we want to tell a lot more stories in the future.”

If a live-action version of League of Legends were to materialise, it may require some recasting as Hailee Steinfeld settles into her role as the MCU’s Kate Bishop, while Ella Purnell could be kept busy by the Army of the Dead franchise.


Arcane: League of Legends is available to stream on Netflix. Check out more of our Fantasy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.