Of the slew of projects announced for the launch of Apple TV+, without a doubt one of the most outwardly attention-grabbing is fantasy epic See.


Boasting an impressive cast with Aquaman's Jason Momoa at the helm, an intriguing and original premise (all of humanity has been blind for centuries) and a mega-budget rivalling that of Game of Thrones, it's clear that bosses at the brand-new streaming service have high hopes for the series.

And although audiences are yet to see the first episodes of the show – which takes place in a dystopian world long after humanity's societal collapse – its stars have already suggested they’ll be returning for a second run.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com, star Alfre Woodard said: “We’re definitely going to have two.

“Trust me, we’ve spent the money, we’re definitely going back for season two.”

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Momoa was slightly more coy about the possibility of a return. “It’s not official,” he said. “Well, you didn’t hear it from me…”

The first series tells the story of tribe leader Baba Voss, played by Momoa, who makes the shocking discovery that his adopted children have something that had long been assumed impossible – the power of sight.

Naturally, the children’s gift makes them the focus of several sinister plots and so it falls to Baba Voss to protect them.

And according to Momoa, the chance to play a character with strong paternal instincts was a huge draw to what has proven to be a particularly rewarding role.

“The acting part and the sensitivity of being a dad, I’ve never had that before,” he said. “It’s totally a challenge but I love it.

“I’ve never had more breakthrough moments in anything I’ve ever done than in this show.”


Viewers will be able to catch the first episodes of See when Apple TV+ launches on Friday 1st November