Chris Evans delighted 90s telly fans last night by bringing back classic chat show TFI Friday. The presenter, who now has his own Radio 2 breakfast show, was at the helm for a one-off special to mark 19 years since the format first aired on Channel 4.


The 90-minute show saw return of old favourites Freak or Unique and It's Your Letters, as well as live performances from Blur, Roger Daltrey and Liam Gallagher. And even hints that a brand new series of the show could be on the cards.

"We did it before, so we could it it again I suppose," said Evans as he signed off at the end of the show.

TFI Friday's executive producer Will Macdonald certainly hasn't ruled out a return either, saying in yesterday's Guardian that it could all come down to the success of last night's live show: "There’s no point in deciding whether that will happen until we do it and see what happens. We have all had fun getting back together, but the experience of doing the live show will ultimately determine whether we want to do it again."

And it looks like Channel 4 is on board too. Tom Beck, who commissioned the anniversary show, has said: "If it does as well as we hope, who knows what can happen after that?"

Talks will presumably be taking place now, after TFI Friday won last night's 9pm slot with peak audience of 4.2m and a 19.8% audience share.

There have been suggestions that TFI Friday's moment has passed though, with Macdonald admitting, "we got lucky, coinciding with Britpop, Britart, new Labour, Euro 96 … the whole spirit of the show was about being in the moment."

Evans even joked last night that if it did return it would need a new star, suggesting his breakfast show rival Nick Grimshaw has his replacement: "I think this is good fun for us oldies, but if this show comes back [Nick Grimshaw] is the guy."

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