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Will there be wedding bells on Love Island?

Grab the confetti! Essex lad Jon Clark is pretty confident about his romance with Playboy Bunny Hannah Elizabeth

Published: Tuesday, 9th June 2015 at 9:51 am

This year’s Love Island contestants may need to ditch their swimsuits for fancy frocks as Essex lad Jon Clark is already talking marriage.


Yep, just a couple of days into life in the Mallorca villa and builder Jon thinks he and Playboy Bunny Hannah Elizabeth, whom he picked to partner up with on the first day, are headed towards the altar.

“I think you’re going to see the first marriage in Love Island,” Jon boasted to the other contestants after his first date (yes, first date) with Hannah last night.

“We’ll be the new Posh and Becks of Essex,” he’d told her as they’d enjoyed bubbles on a beach away from the rest of the contestants. He even compared their date to turkey twizzlers – yes, apparently discovering the meaty nuggets was a good day in Jon's life and he's pretty mad at Jamie Oliver for their demise. Perhaps he can serve them at his wedding breakfast?

Anyway, Jon’s somewhat steamroller approach to romance didn't make Hannah run a mile. In fact, she's already admitted he’s “deffo” her type as he makes her “howl” – and before going into the villa Hannah told us she’d love to “get it on” with an Essex lad. She loves the accent and the way they dress, so much so she actually moved from Liverpool to the home of TOWIE before heading out to Mallorca. Jon himself has already stated one of his mottos (I think we’re going to be hearing plenty more) is ‘dressing nice is a form of good manners’.

Perhaps host Caroline Flack should look into getting herself ordained?


Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2


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