Name: OG3NE (Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol)


Ages: Lisa (who stands on the right on stage) is 22 while twins Amy and Shelley (middle and left) are 21

Twitter: @OG3NE

Who are OG3NE?

Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol are a trio of singing sisters who’ve actually represented The Netherlands on the Eurovision stage before – during the Junior Contest in 2007.

10 years later they hit the main stage thanks to a stellar run on The Voice of Holland, which they won in 2014. That made them the first group ever to win the series.

Oh, and they do a mean ABBA tribute too.

What does OG3NE mean?

Their curious name is their mother’s blood type (O) plus the genes they share as sisters.

What’s The Netherlands Eurovision 2017 song?

Lights and Shadows is the song and it’s a real family affair. The girls’ father Rick Vol wrote it alongside Shelley’s boyfriend Rory de Kievit. It’s a musical tribute to their mum, who has been seriously ill for several years.

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