When is All Round to Mrs Brown’s on TV?

Everything you need to know about the Mrs Brown's Boys talk show


Brendan O’Carroll has taken the sitcom world by storm with Mrs Brown’s Boys; now the BBC have given Agnes Brown her own talk show! Here’s everything you need to know about All Round to Mrs Brown’s…


When is All Round To Mrs Brown’s on TV?

The last episode will be broadcast on Saturday 29th April at 9.20pm on BBC1.

How does the show work?

It’s a slightly different format to most talk shows. And Agnes isn’t even be presenting: her daughter Cathy (played by Jennifer Gibney, Brendan O’Carroll’s husband. Yes, it’s complicated) takes the lead as host, sitting down to talk to the celebs for her very own video blog while her mammy watches over proceedings.

The twist is, each guest also brings their own ‘mammy’ along – they’re interviewed by Mrs Brown in the kitchen.