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What time is The Crystal Maze on TV tonight?

Everything you need to know about the classic 90s game show’s Stand Up to Cancer revival, from where it was filmed to the contestants involved

Published: Sunday, 16th October 2016 at 7:45 pm

What time is The Crystal Maze on TV tonight?

The contestants will enter the Aztec zone from 9.00pm tonight on Channel 4, continuing their adventures until 10.05pm.


Who’s the host? 

Replacing original presenter Richard O’Brien (who has a small prerecorded cameo) is The Office co-creator Stephen Merchant, who’s shaved his head and dressed in O’Brien’s style in tribute to the iconic host.

Early reports had Doctor Who star David Tennant tipped for the presenting role, but these emerged to be untrue.

Who are the contestants?

Comedian Josh Widdecombe, actress Michelle Keegan, Radio DJ Sara Cox, Paralympian Jonnie Peacock and footballer Rio Ferdinand will be taking on the skill, physical, mental and mystery challenges, in a departure from the original series which had ordinary members of the public compete rather than celebrities.

Where was it filmed?

While the original series had its own set, this special was filmed at the recently-opened Crystal Maze interactive experience in London, which allows customers to try out the challenges themselves in an exhaustive recreation of the TV show.

The experience was closed for one day to allow the crew to set up, film and then strike their equipment, and then back in business straight afterwards to meet the high demand for tickets (which has resulted in a second Crystal Maze now opening in Manchester). got the chance to try out the experience a few months ago, and you can read about how we got on here.

Why has it come back?

The series has been brought back as a one-off special in aid of Channel 4’s annual charity gala Stand Up to Cancer, which sees the broadcaster release a raft of comedy programming designed to encourage viewers to donate to cancer charities.

Following this, the full gala will air on Channel 4 on Friday 21st October from 7.00pm, and will include comedy sketches, stand-up routines, musical performances and a special Celebrity Gogglebox.


Will there be a full series of The Crystal Maze?

At the moment this has only been presented as a one-off for Stand Up to Cancer, but considering the renewed public interest after the creation of the interactive experience we wouldn’t be surprised to see more of the Maze on our screens sometime soon.


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