When is All Together Now on TV?

The final of All Together Now is on Saturday 3rd March at 7.15pm on BBC1.


What can we expect from the episode?

The likeable singing show reaches its grand final having done enough – with more than three-and-a-half million viewers each week – to have a shot at further series down the line.

Or let’s hope so, anyway. The format has its glitches, not least that a cynical person might wonder what Geri Horner adds to proceedings, when there are literally 99 other judges on the show with more interesting things to say. Luckily, they – the 100, who are stacked up like a wall of Celebrity Squares overlooking the set – bring a nice touch of Gogglebox voice-of-the-people to proceedings.

And Rob Beckett’s larky, mickey-taking presence as host adds the touch of sharpness every talent show needs to cut through the schmaltz. The finalists compete for glory (and a cheque), with a definite advantage, Winter-Olympics-style, for whoever gets to perform later, so they know what they have to beat.

Review by David Butcher

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Sorry, what actually is All Together Now?

It’s the BBC’s latest entertainment singing competition show – a contest that the BBC is hoping can compete with the likes of The Voice, which moved over to ITV in 2015.

As a newbie on the block, All Together Now has a rather short run compared to its rivals. While last year’s X Factor ran for 28 episodes and The Voice for 16, All Together Now only consists of six episodes. We’ll leave it up to you whether that’s a good thing or not.

How will the show actually work? And who are The 100?

Basically, each episode will see a few singers and groups step up to the All Together Now stage where they’ll be hoping to blow away ‘The 100’.

This group include the likes of captain Geri Horner, West End veterans, a Brit School teacher, a cabaret host, a drag queen, a rapper and a former Britain’s Got Talent contestant. And they’re all really enthusiastic about everything – they're the sort of people who would be first to pull out some shapes on the dance floor, regardless of whether any music is playing or not. Imagine 100 Louis Spences and you’ve basically got the idea.

Anyway, if any of these 100 judges are suitably impressed, they press their buzzer, stand up and start singing along. Then, after the performance, the contestant gets a score out of 100 that equals how many judges gave them the nod. And whichever two singers achieve the highest score in their heat go through to the grand final.

So, if a singer lets out a belting tune and 92 of the 100 stand up then that singer has achieved a score of 92. Just think of it as a reverse Take Me Out crossed with a swivel-chair-less version of The Voice. And then crossed with The Muppet Show...

So Geri Horner isn't hosting?

Nope, the former Spice Girl is a member of the 100. She'll have plenty to do, but it'll be down to Rob Beckett to actually present the show.

Sorry, did you say Rob Beckett was hosting? Taskmaster champion and the guy from Mock The Week?

Yup, the stand-up comedian is expanding his presenting portfolio – you might have already seen the former I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! NOW! host co-presenting BBC1’s Wedding Day Winners with Lorraine Kelly.

On All Together Now it’s Beckett’s job to chat and banter with the 100 after the contestants' performances. And this means he has to climb a lot of stairs due to the show’s massive multi-levelled set.

And remind me again, who’s Geri Horner?

Being the hardcore Spice Girls fan you are, you’ll definitely know Geri as Ginger Spice or by her maiden name, Geri Halliwell. She was part of the best-selling girl group of all time from 1994 to 1998, where she sung in hits like Wannabe and Say You'll Be There.

After the group broke up Geri went solo, which is when you probably heard her superhit cover of It's Raining Men.

Horner has previously appeared on the judging panels of Australia's Got Talent and The X Factor, where she appeared as a guest judge in 2010 and 2012.

Do the public get a vote on All Together Now?

Nope – it's all down to scores from the 100. In fact, the final of the show was filmed late last year.

What does the winner get?

Rather than a record contract, the winner will receive £50,000.


How was the All Together Now set built? Do you have a timelapse video of it?

A strangely specific question there, but – amazingly – turns out we do. Enjoy!