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Fights, Camera, Action!

  • Season 1
  • 10 episodes
  • Documentary and factual


A singing contest with a twist. Talented singers take to the stage to perform in front of the 100 - a panel of musical experts from all over the UK.


Episode 6: The Final


Rob Beckett hosts the grand final as the ten finalists compete to be crowned champion. Whoever wins the title also takes home a life-changing £50,000 prize. The finalists each perform a song hoping to get Spice Girl Geri Horner and as many members of the 100 up on their feet joining in. The three acts with the highest scores must then perform one final time in a make-or-break sing-off with a brand new song. Which of the ten finalists has what it takes to win over Geri, Paulus, Mr Fabulous, Lili, Divina and the rest of the 100, and in doing so win the series title and £50,000?


The likeable singing show reaches its grand final having done enough – with more than three-and-a-half million viewers each week – to have a shot at further series down the line.

Or let’s hope so, anyway. The format has its glitches, not least that a cynical person might wonder what Geri Horner adds to proceedings, when there are literally 99 other judges on the show with more interesting things to say. Luckily, they – the 100, who are stacked up like a wall of Celebrity Squares overlooking the set – bring a nice touch of Gogglebox voice-of-the-people to proceedings.

And Rob Beckett’s larky, mickey-taking presence as host adds the touch of sharpness every talent show needs to cut through the schmaltz. The finalists compete for glory (and a cheque), with a definite advantage, Winter-Olympics-style, for whoever gets to perform later, so they know what they have to beat.





PresenterRob Beckett
ParticipantGeri Horner
Executive producerJames Fox
Executive producerDom Waugh
Executive producerAndrew Cartmell
Series editorMarc Bassett
DirectorLiz Clare
Production company

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