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Who are ‘The 100’ in All Together Now?

Are any of them already famous? How does Geri Horner fit in? Here's everything you need to know about the BBC's massive new judging panel

Published: Thursday, 7th March 2019 at 1:39 pm

If you’ve found your way to this page then you’re probably intrigued by the return of BBC talent contest All Together with Rob Beckett and former Spice Girl Geri Horner. However, you’re also probably here as there’s something a bit confusing about the show: ‘The 100’.


Who exactly are they? What do they do on the show? And what’s Geri Horner got to do with them? Here’s everything you need to know about the musical mob...

Seriously, who actually are The 100?

They’re the legion of music performers that judge the show, “a unique panel of music experts and performers from all over the UK,” according to the BBC.

However, this doesn’t mean everyone in the 100 is a big star. While the panel includes people like Brit School teacher Georg Tormann, Madonna supporting singer Celestina and Youtuber Talia, it also features a Tina Turner impersonator, former Britain’s Got Talent contestants and Youtube’s The Singing Dentist.

And that’s before we get to the slightly left-field members of the 100. There’s drag queen (and former Voice contestant) Divina De Campo, a gospel choir director called 'Mr Fabulous' and, our favourite, medieval banquet singer Nigel Murfitt.

How do The 100 judge contestants? Surely we’re not going to hear feedback from every one of them?

Nope, most of All Together Now won’t be taken up by Rob Beckett interviewing each of The 100. We will hear an extensive verdict from a few members of the gigantic panel, but the main feedback to performers will come through a score out of 100.

And that works like this: if any of these 100 judges are suitably impressed by a contestant during their performance, they press their buzzer, stand up and start singing along. Afterwards, the contestant gets a score out of 100 that equals how many judges gave them the nod. And whichever two singers achieve the highest score in their heat go through to the grand final.

If a singer lets out a belting tune and 92 of the 100 stand up then that singer has achieved a score of 92. Simple.

So, is Geri Horner one of The 100? Does her vote count for more than other members of the panel?

Geri is the captain of the 100 – she’s not actually hosting the show.

But this doesn’t mean it’s really important if Geri presses her button or not – her vote counts as much towards a contestant’s score as The Singing Dentist – but it does mean she’ll get more airtime. Unlike other members of the judging panel, Geri will deliver a full explanation how she voted after each performance.

Which members of the 100 should we look out for?

Here are a few faces of The 100 that you might be interested in...

Who is Divina De Campo?

One of the UK’s biggest Drag Artists, Davina (Owen Farrow) runs a cabaret bar in Manchester called Kiki. It’s there she sings opera, rock and musicals.

And yes, as you can see above, Davina also appeared on The Voice in 2016. Unfortunately nobody turned for her – a decision then-judge Boy George said he regretted.

Who is Paulus?

Paulus (AKA Paul L Martin) has done a lot during his 25 years as a cabaret artist. He’s performed in venues from Don’t Tell Mama in NYC, The Butterfly Club in Melbourne and Café de Paris. He’s also sung to 13,000 people at Hampton Court Palace, dressed as Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge.

Who is Lili Davies?

The Romanian-born singer bonded with Geri Horner during filming and you can see her next to Ginger Spice in most episodes.

Speaking about Lili to, Horner said: “I always put Lili next to me – she’s like the Queen Mother! She’s extremely clever and she’s got a really kind heart.”

Lili Davies, next to Geri Horner on All Together Now (BBC, TL)

Lilli is the resident singer at The Coach & Horses pub in Soho, where she goes by the name ‘Magic Betty’. She’s also performed at the infamous Bootleggers Bar in Las Vegas, the restaurant of choice of Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack.

Will The 100 sit in the same spot every week?

Nope, just to add to the confusion, the judging panel positions will be mixed-up each episode.


All Together Now starts Saturday 27th January on BBC1


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