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Watch Fern Britton snoring in exclusive Time Crashers clip

The former This Morning presenter keeps her fellow contestants up all night in the new Channel 4 show which takes various celebrities back in time

Published: Saturday, 22nd August 2015 at 10:01 am

Fern Britton wasn't her usual popular self in her latest TV adventure - keeping the cast of Channel 4's Time Crashers awake with her snoring.


The former This Morning presenter can be seen in this exclusive clip making quite a lot of nightime noise as she beds down with her fellow celebrities in an Elizabethan manor house in the first episode of the show narrated by former Blackadder star Tony Robinson.

However Fern more than redeemed herself in the episode with her admirable skill at deboning a boar's head in the show which starts on Sunday.

Billed by Channel 4 as Quantum Leap meets Big Brother, the show takes ten celebrities and crash lands them in a different period in history over six episodes.

Joining Fern are actor Keith Allen, Cheers alumnus Kirstie Alley, actor Charlie Condou, footballer Jermaine Jenas, “socialite” Meg Mathews, BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin, long-jumper Greg Rutherford, weight-lifter Zoe Smith and comedian Chris Ramsey.

Sunday's opening episode forced them to work as servants in an Elizabethan manor house in an imagined 1588, the year of the Spanish Armada.

Britton and Smith are among the kitchen servants – the lowest of the low - while the likes of Allen and Jenas were elevated to the slightly less menial status of household servants (see below). 


Time Crashers is on Channel 4 on Sunday at 8pm


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