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TWO Apprentice candidates go home in shocking unplanned twist

Mukai Noiri and Aleksandra King both left the process this evening, but under very different circumstances

Published: Thursday, 27th October 2016 at 9:00 pm

The Apprentice this week got off to a very bumpy start. The candidates had barely been given their mission – selling products and creating window displays for department store Liberty – before an unexpected twist saw one of the candidates resign from the process mid-task.


"I'm really sorry… I'm just not enjoying it,” business consultancy owner Aleksandra King (below) told her shocked teammates, before walking out on their meeting.

Speaking to the cameras later, she added: "I have found the process overwhelming and stressful and really intense and I just want to go home… Now. Right now."

But if the other contestants thought this meant they’d get off the hook and escape any firings this week they were wrong, with Lord Sugar taking Team Nebula to task after their decision to sell high-end handbags instead of scarves cost them the task.

After being informed of the result, project manager Grainne brought Karthik and Mukai into the boardroom (above), and it was Mukai that eventually felt the full force of Lord Sugar’s wrath.

“I feel when you talk to me, it’s as if I’m listening to a consultant dishing out advice but never actually doing anything themselves,” Lord Sugar told the Fashion Digital Marketing manager.

“Mukai, I do believe that you did influence Grainne and I don’t think you have the potential of being my business partner. Mukai, you’re fired”.

By that point, we’re betting Mukai was wishing he’d followed his teammate out of the door earlier in the episode…


The Apprentice continues on BBC1 next Thursday 3rd November at 9.00pm.


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