Too Hot To Handle contestants Chloe Veitch and Francesca Farago have revealed that they truly shocked by the no-sex twist, despite being asked sexual questions during the application process.


Speaking to, Essex-based Chloe said that none of the contestants were prepared for the abstinence rules, which were announced twelve hours into their Mexican villa experience.

"None of us knew and I think if we would have known, I don't think half of us would have gone in there to be honest," she said. "But it worked out for the better for all of us, because it was a life changing experience."

Francesca also revealed that based on the application process, she assumed she was taking part on an Instagram-influencer dating series.

"All of the questions I was being asked were very kind of sexual questions – all past relationships, one night situations, first dates, best first date, worse first date," she said.

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"This has to be a dating show – that was my initial thought. It's either some sort of dating show with a twist or it's influencer island, they're gonna put everyone who's an influencer on an island, take away our phones and see how we go."

"I had no idea that it was going to be no sex island, that was the biggest shock," she continued. "I think they wanted to confirm that everyone going on the show was a horny, sexual person, and we all were."

The dating series, which landed on Netflix earlier this month, saw ten international singles meet at a Mexican villa in the hopes of finding love. However, half way through the first episode, the twist is announced – the contestants must keep their hands off each other for the chance to win a $100,000 jackpot, with each sexual act leading to a deduction from the prize fund.

Francesca and Australian Harry Jowsey's shenanigans cost the group the most money – $29,000 – but it seems to have been worth it, with the couple still together today.

Too Hot to Handle
Harry and Francesca

Although the pair are unable to quarantine together – with Harry in LA and Francesca in Vancouver – the contestants are hoping to move in with one another when the coronavirus pandemic has died down.

"It's hard not to be able to see him but our relationship is stronger than ever – we talk every single day, there's nothing we don't agree on," Francesca says. "The next steps are to just wait until quarantine is over and then move in with Harry and start a little family with him."

Watching the series back was "difficult" for the pair however – particularly scenes in which Harry told the other contestants that Francesca had initiated their first kiss, leading the group to blame her for the $3000 prize reduction.

"There were details about those few days that I did not know until I watched it back so that was really hard, and then of course I was very flirty with Kel and Kori and Harry didn't know specifics about that."

"We both agreed that no matter what we saw, we weren't going to hold any grudges and that it would be let bygones be bygones, we wouldn't hold anything against one another."

She continued: "My friends messaged me after episode two, they were like 'how are you still with him?' I said it happened a year ago, the circumstances were so crazy and we didn't know each other that well. It was the whole period of the month that got our relationship so strong."

Although Haley, Matthew, Madison and Kori left throughout the competition, the remaining contestants shared the remaining $75,000 prize, going home with $7,500 each.


Too Hot To Handle is now available to stream on Netflix. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.