This David Bowie gif sums up half a century of iconic looks

A beautiful animated sketch of Bowie has been centre-stage on social media today, as the world mourns the musical legend


This image of David Bowie is moving in more ways than one. A gif, created by illustrator Helen Green for his birthday last year, has taken centre stage in Bowie tributes this morning on Twitter.


The rotating image of the Life on Mars singer chronicles every single one of Bowie’s iconic looks from 1964 to 2014, complete with eye patches, neck ties, hats, elaborate make-up and his ever changing hair.

Green’s gif was intended as a celebration of the legend when she released it last January, but news of his death was confirmed earlier today and now the image is being used as a poignant reminder of his incredible career which spanned five decades.


Countless tributes have been paid to the 69-year-old star this morning, with celebrities, fans and fellow musicians expressing their shock on social media. A number of outlets have also shared moving quotes from his iconic songs.


While this London tube station and a fire station in America have found unique ways to remember the musical legend.