There were lots of Doctor Who references in David Tennant’s Star Wars panto debut

The actor took to the stage in London for Absolute Radio's annual Christmas panto

Oh no he didn’t! Oh yes, he did! David Tennant went to The Dark Side for a Star Wars panto this morning – and had quite the laugh about Doctor Who while he was at it.


The Jessica Jones actor and former Time Lord took to the stage at London’s Leicester Square Theatre this morning to thrill lucky fans who’d managed to nab a ticket to the live broadcast of Absolute Radio’s annual Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show radio panto, Star Claus: Snow Hope.

The production saw Tennant – a veteran of the breakfast panto – making his Star Wars themed panto debut as Dave Vader, who was hosting a Christmas bash, attended by his son Dick Skywalker (EastEnders’ Shane Richie). He’d come all the way from ‘EastEndor’ to be tormented by his Sith Lord father’s jokes about his mechanical hand.

Speaking of humorous moments, there were quite a few references to Tennant’s TARDIS past in the script – which the actor couldn’t help but chuckle through.

“How does Christian get me involved? Blackmail,” Tennant began. “I had no idea I was making a video call, or that he was recording it. Had I known, I would have put some clothes on.

“In fairness, that is how I always stir my tea,” he continued as laughter erupted around him. “With my sonic screwdriver.”

The Doctor Who nods didn’t stop there. “Star Wars fans are crazy, aren’t they?” Tennant’s script read.

“Moaning all the time, it’s not as good as it used to be, CGI is rubbish, I could write it better than him, I don’t like the actors, I don’t like the characters, I hate her, I hate him, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I wish they’d all die, stop ruining something I love!”

“Thank goodness I was in Doctor Who,” he smiled, “whose fans are nothing like that.”

Thank goodness indeed, David. 

Doctor Who fans are brilliant, after all.


Here’s the pantomime in full.