The Jump: Jackass star Steve-O fears his daredevil cover could be blown

Fans expect big things, but Steve-O worries he’ll be revealed as the “biggest wimp on the show"

As Jackass star Steve-O prepares for ski-themed reality show The Jump, it’s not injury that’s on his mind; it’s fears his daredevil reputation will take a bit of a knocking.


“I’m dreading the notion that I will be revealed not to be the wild, reckless maniac that people believe me to be,” Steve-O admits ahead of Sunday night’s launch where he’ll be pitted against the likes of former TOWIE star Joey Essex and former rugby professional Mike Tindall.

Of course, we’ve seen him do all manner of crazy things during his career – especially on a skateboard – but he admits those bonkers acts are all really well planned.

“I’ve really worked hard to make myself seem as reckless and out of control – and in some respects I really have been. But for the most part I’ve picked my battles really carefully and done due diligence. I’ve worked quite hard to build up the skills to exploit, with the goal of looking really crazy. So I think my cover might get blown.”

The stunt performer does admit he has quite irrational fears given he won’t go on a rollercoaster, yet will leap off of Tower Bridge into the Thames. But when it comes to that dreaded live ski jump – which the celebs face if they find themselves in the bottom two after a daily challenge – he’s got a “mental block”.

“With that comes a crippling fear that I’m going to be revealed as the biggest wimp on the show.”

And all while wearing a fetching bit of lycra…


The Jump starts Sunday at 7:00pm on Channel 4