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Meet The Jump 2015 contestants as they hit the slopes in their skiing gear

What do Louise Thompson, Joey Essex, Jodie Kidd, Dom from Gogglebox, Phil Tufnell and Ashley Roberts from The Pussycat Dolls have in common? Skin tight ski suits, of course...

Published: Tuesday, 27th January 2015 at 10:45 am

Sixteen celebrities are about to battle it out on the ski slopes of Austria for the unrivalled prize of... a cowbell. 


Yes, Channel 4's injury-prone show The Jump has actually got itself a second series and more celebrities are hard at work training. They face all manner of winter sport disciplines, including bobsleigh, skeleton and, of course, the dreaded ski jump. The two lowest scorers of each day's challenge face the live jump and must land the furthest distance to stay in.

Before it all kicks off, the contestants are showing off some rather funky snow gear and reveal why they really signed up (a free ski trip seems to have been a rather obvious driver). From Joey Essex, who is pretty sure he'll be a pro by the end of it to Gogglebox's Dom Parker who is looking forward to the exercise... sort of, meet this year's group:

Joey Essex

Age: 24

Famous, why? Former regular on reality show The Only Way Is Essex


Why take part? "The reason I said yes to it was because I’ve never been snowboarding and skiing, and for the last two or three years I’ve heard a lot of people talking about. Some of my mates have done it, and people say it’s so good. I like ice skating, but you can do that in Essex. You can’t go down a properly massive hill unless you go to Austria or somewhere. So I think I’m going to get taught all of these skills by professionals, and it’ll give me a massive lesson, and I’ll basically be a pro by the end of it. I learn quite quickly at things, and I’m quite a risk-taker, I like a bit of adrenaline, and I like competition."


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