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The Jump 2016 weekly round-up

Adlington exits, Heather Mills returns, Arg and Linford tackle their first ski jump and there's boisterous Snow Cross training...

Published: Sunday, 7th February 2016 at 11:23 am

It's been quite the week in Austria as this year's The Jump competitors prepare for tonight's second show. From injuries, to replacements to first time jumpers and some cooking from Linford Christie, here's a catch up on what's going on behind the scenes...


Beth Tweddle exits show due to injury

Former Olympic gymnast - and hot favourite - Beth Tweddle has also had to pull out of the competition after suffering a fall.

We understand Beth was training for the ski jump, and while she landed the jump, she crashed awkwardly into the crash pads at the end of the run. Beth was taken to hospital for treatment.

A Channel 4 spokesperson said: "As Beth's parents have stated, Beth is in hospital awaiting treatment following a fall in training. We’re sending her all our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery."

Becky Adlington forced to exit the show - Heather Mills returns

Former Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington has been forced to withdraw from the show on medical advice.

Becky dislocated her shoulder while training for the first night’s eliminator, the Air Jump, and was rushed to hospital last Saturday evening. She was in attendance at the first show the following day, but was for some time sporting a sling.

Now it's been confirmed she'll no longer compete in the show and Heather Mills will return to take her place.

“I have loved my time on the show and I’m so sad to be leaving on injury," Adlington said. "I’m so proud of myself with the challenges I have overcome, from skeleton to jumping and learning how to ski. I’m very grateful to have met the most incredible people as well. It was so difficult but so much fun at the same time.”

Mills competed last year, but feels she has "unfinished business" after she broke her prosthetic foot last year and had to jump on someone else's.

"I am overjoyed to be asked back by Channel 4 to join the competitors on The Jump, as I always felt it was unfinished business. Finishing 2nd overall in the only event I got to compete in, The Skeleton, and having to jump wearing someone else’s foot, was pretty bad luck. I never even got to compete in skiing. I know I can do much better, and I am working with my prosthetist (Abdo Haider of The London Prosthetic Centre) to create a foot that has more movement like a humans. I love that I have the opportunity to compete on a more level playing field, if you can ever call one leg against two, level playing. However, I always love to challenge people’s perception of disability, and how one can overcome adversity."

Tina Hobley injured, Tom Parker called in to replace her

Earlier in the week it was also confirmed that Tina Hobley had had to withdraw due to an injury. Hobley injured her arm in a mishap on the jump, which involved someone standing in her landing area.

Former The Wanted singer Tom Parker has been training as a back-up competitor in Austria and has now joined the full line-up in her place.

"I'm super excited to be part of The Jump," he said. "After watching the last couple of series, it looks like a challenge I think I can rise to, and being a keen skier, who wouldn't want to undertake such an amazing experience"

Did you spot their skeleton backpacks?

While watching the celebrities tackle the first event - high-speed skeleton - I spotted they were wearing backpacks. Handily stood next to Eddie the Eagle in The Jump bar, I queried their purpose. It turned out others in the RT office were keen to know, too. So (drumroll) they’ve got camera equipment in them. Simple as that. Well, we can’t miss any of the screaming, eh?

What’s the line between friends and a full on bromance? Shoes it seems

Chatting to actor Dean Cain at the competitor castle (or ‘Schloss’), I learned his new found ‘bromance’ with sprinter Linford Christie is going strong.

Cain explained how he complimented Linford on his footwear one night and the next day found the self same pair of shoes left as a gift in his room. “What a sweetheart. A man of action, not so many words sometimes.” That’s friendship right there.

Christie the cook

It seems Linford is quite the homemaker, cooking a meal for some of his fellow competitors, too. He joked to me that he’s not all that good on the slopes – his kids talked him into taking part – but the sportsman is certainly enjoying taking part.


Well, there were rumours of more than friendship between Lytton and McFadden. But Lytton laughed it off saying it’s simply because she’s the only single one in the group. “There’s no time!” she laughed. “Everyone just talks about The Jump!”


The Jump continues Sunday at 7:30pm on Channel 4


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