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The Circle return for series four release date: Everything you need to know about the next series

Everything you need to know about the next series of The Circle. *WARNING: SPOILERS ON SERIES THREE*

The Circle 2021 contestant Manrika
Channel 4
Published: Friday, 9th April 2021 at 11:36 pm

Series three of The Circle three had us on the edge of our sofas every night, with its twists, turns and cliffhangers which kept up us all night trying to figure out who had been blocked next.


With the series now over and the 2021 champ enjoying their £100k cash prize, you're probably wondering if the show will be back for a fourth round.

And there's good news!

Although we don't know when the fourth series will come to Channel 4, we do know it's in motion. Applications have already opened and the producers told they already have plans for the next run.

Here's everything you need to know, including how you sign up if you wish to take part.

The Circle series four release date

A release date for the fourth series of the show hasn't been confirmed just yet, but it's likely the series will return to Channel 4 given that applications have already opened.

As well as this, previously spoke to the show's executive producer Toni Ireland, and creative director Tim Harcourt who told us they have big plans for the show's future.

When asked how long they see the show going on for, Tim said: "Another 10 maybe. We’re already talking about what we can do next year. We had a few ideas we didn’t use this year. We have a few great, new ideas for next year. But we just love those warm, fun cast who love playing the game and it’s only as good as the players playing it, but we’re really happy with the cast this year.

"There’s ups and downs but they’re real game players in this season and in the Netflix season coming up. As people get more familiar with watching the show they get more strategic. That’s great because it is a game and it is for money, but it’s great to have some twists and turns along the way."

We can't wait!

What is The Circle and how do you play?

The Circle is a reality gameshow in which contestants are moved into a block of flats, and communicate via a specially designed app known as The Circle. The contestants don't get to meet one another in person, until they're blocked, and they can decide to play as themselves or masquerade as a completely different person.

The aim of the game is to be rated as the most popular player, earning you influencer status and giving you the power to block others from The Circle.

There's also a £100k cash prize at stake, which the winner will bag at the end.

But of course, it's not as easy as it sounds, with multiple twists thrown in the way to shake things up, such as anonymous mode where contestants get to say what they want to on another without knowing who it's come from.

During the show’s final, the players will rate each other one last time, and the contestant with the highest rating is crowned the champion and wins a cash prize of up to £100K.

Who is The Circle host?

The Circle host Emma Willis
The Circle host Emma Willis Channel 4

The Circle is presented by Emma Willis. She took over from Glow Up presenter Maya Jama and former BBC Radio 1 host Alice Levine, who fronted The Circle’s first series in 2018.

Who is The Circle narrator?

Bolton born Comedian and actress Sophie Willan provides the voiceover for the Channel 4 series. She has narrated the show since it started in 2018 and also lent her voice to the 2021 celebrity series.

You can read more about The Circle narrator here.

Sophie Willan
Sophie Willan Getty

Where is The Circle filmed?

The Channel 4 series is filmed in a block of flats in Salford.

The famous block was used for the The Celebrity Circle, The Circle USA and The Circle series two and three.

What is The Circle prize?

This year, there was a whopping £100k at stake.

In previous years, we have seen this split, with the ultimate winner bagging £70k and the viewers' champion taking home £30k. However, it's unknown how this will be shared going forward.

Who won series three of The Circle?

Series three was won by Felix aka Natalya. The 29-year-old was rated the most popular player out of all the contestants in the line-up and was awarded the £100k cash prize.

Speaking of her win, she said: “I must play a good man!”

She added: "If I was me, I would have been gone. I had to be the perfect man. What I see everyday at work is what I created."

How to apply for The Circle? 

Applications have now opened for the next series.

To apply for future series of The Circle UK, you must be aged 18 or over and be resident or have the right to reside in the UK.

You can find the application online now at

Good luck!


The Circle is available to stream on To find out what else is on TV in the meantime, check out our TV Guide. Visit our hub for more Entertainment news.


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