When is Channel 4’s new reality series The Bridge on TV?

Everything you need to know about the new reality series, narrated by James McAvoy, coming to Channel 4.

The Bridge

Not to be confused with the Scandi-drama of the same name, Channel 4’s The Bridge is a new reality series which challenges a dozen strangers to band together and built a bridge to win £100,000.


Based on Spanish reality show El Puente, this five-part series will see The Bridge contestants, all from different walks of life, slip through mud, saw through tree trunks and shed a few tears whilst building a over-water path from the banks of a lake to an island 250 metres away.

If the team manages to reach the island within 20 days, they have the chance to take home the £100,000 found on the island – but must decide amongst themselves who deserves it most.

Here’s everything you need to know about this drama-packed outdoor adventure coming to Channel 4 this weekend.

When is The Bridge on TV?

The Bridge is set to begin airing on Channel 4 from Sunday 11th October at 9pm.

The five-part series will then air every Sunday until 8th November.

What is The Bridge about?

The Bridge
Channel 4

Based on a Spanish reality series, Channel 4’s The Bridge places 12 strangers in a cabin and challenges them to built a bridge together for the chance to win £100,000.

The contestants will put their teamwork skills to the test over the course of 20 days, in which they must built a bridge from the banks of a lake in the British countryside on which they stand to an island 250 metres away.

However, there’s a twist – only one contestant is awarded the money. Once the team reaches the £100,000, they each get to vote for who they think is the most deserving of the “life-changing prize”. The winner must then decide whether to share the money or keep it all to themselves.

Who narrates The Bridge?

James McAvoy
James McAvoy

Scottish actor James McAvoy narrates the five-part series, marking his first reality TV gig.

The A-lister rose to prominence with his roles in Shameless and State of Play before establishing himself as a feature film leading man in Starter for 10, Penelope and Atonement.

He is best known for playing Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men prequels, Kevin Wendell Crumb in Split and Glass, and Bill Denbrough in It Chapter Two.

Who are the contestants on The Bridge?

The Bridge takes 12 members of the public, all with different careers, backgrounds and personal views, and challenges them to build a bridge together within 20 days.

The line-up includes Trish Goddard’s daughter Billie, COVID-survivor Tara, East End-based carer Sly, stripper Zac, part-time model Luke, hotel entertainer Maura, graduate Rowan, Brexiteer Dominique, fashion designer Julie, ex-military “alpha female” Sarah, restaurant manager Levi and adrenaline junkie Sam.

The Bridge trailer

Channel 4 released a trailer for The Bridge towards the end of September, which teased the challenging task ahead and the 12 contestants taking part, some of whom will be “team players”, while others are “out for themselves”.

For the first time, we get a glimpse at the vast body of water which separates the contestants from their £100,000 prize money, with one competitor sighing: “It’s definitely a bridge over troubled water.”


The Bridge starts on Channel 4 on Sunday 11th October at 9pm. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.