See new trailer for Channel 4’s The Bridge reality series

At stake for the 12 contestants is a prize of £100,000, which one person will take home.

Lo_The_Bridge_Group_1 copy

Channel 4 has released a new teaser trailer for upcoming reality TV competition, The Bridge, which pits 12 strangers together who must build a bridge from the mainland to an island on which a £100,000 prize is located.


The contestants will have 20 days to attempt to construct the bridge, and will also have to show teamwork in order to overcome a number of surprising twists throughout the challenge.

And there’s a life-changing prize at stake if they are able to complete the challenge, with the participants each voting for who they think is most deserving and the winner choosing whether to split the pot or keep it all for themselves.

The island looks a long way from where the group stand and one contestant sighs during the trailer: “It’s definitely a bridge over troubled water.”

The Bridge will be narrated by His Dark Materials and X-Men: First Class star James McAvoy, who intones during the trailer: “Somewhere in the British wilderness is an island and £100,000… Can 12 strangers work together to build a bridge to the money? If they can get to the cash, only one will keep it. So who is a team player and who is out for themselves?”

A contestant says, Golum-like, during the trailer: “Now I’ve got it in my hand I don’t know I can let it go.”

The Bridge will be contested by a diverse group, including TV talk show host Trisha Goddard’s daughter Billie, as well as a dancer and acrobat, Zac, who currently works as a stripper for Dreamboys and paddle board endurance athlete, Sarah, who isn’t afraid to take charge and doesn’t have a problem with putting alpha males in their place.

The series is based on a Spanish reality series that has run since 2017. When the show was announced, Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment at Channel 4 said, “This is such an exciting first reality commission for me and the Channel 4 entertainment department.

“The brilliant Workerbee have conjured up the entertaining twists, comedy and drama viewers associate with classic Channel 4 reality, against what might be considered a traditionally more factual backdrop.”

The Bridge will air on Channel 4 later this year.

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