The 10 best memes of 2014

From #sadbatman to #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave we pick out this year's top internet creations

Here’s hoping Photoshop got a chance to put its feet up this Christmas after a busy old year of meme making. 


From Batman looking sad to Kim Kardashian’s behind trying to break the internet, no picture, event or lyric has been safe from internet spoofs.

Whether it was Luis Suarez being turned into Jaws or Tim Howard’s many, many saves, the internet had a jolly good time poking fun…


In May, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zach Snyder tweeted the first picture of actor Ben Affleck as Batman. He was moodily positioned next to the Batmobile and artfully shot in black and white – it was all very atmospheric. But the internet had different ideas, namely that Batman looked pretty darn sad. Enter a whole load of reasons for Batman to look glum, including ‘Parking ticket Batman’:


But Batman wasn’t the only one looking down in the dumps this year. Photographer Alex Yenni dug up this picture from his travels. He’d been zip wiring and bumped into none other than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. 

Kim looks happy and, well, it didn’t take long for the ‘Sad Kanye West’ meme to take off…


On the night the USA were kicked out of this year’s World Cup you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d won the whole tournament thanks to the internet storm around goalie Tim Howard. He set a new record for the most saves in a World Cup match, stopping 15 shots to prevent Belgium hitting the back of the net. And so began the overnight sensation that was #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave…

Break the internet

Back to Kim Kardashian now with her recent attempt to ‘break the internet’ via a bare-bottomed magazine cover shoot for Paper Magazine. The internet quickly busied itself making new versions of the image.

Here’s that original shot:

And here’s, well, Bruce…

Suárez bite

Footballer Luis Suárez was accused of biting a player for the third time in his career during a World Cup game against Italy this year, with Giorgio Chiellini on the receiving end of his fangs. Reactions to the Uruguay striker’s actions flooded the internet, with two memes for the price of one in this Jaws-themed version:

Free hugs

Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto can floor the internet simply by hugging a tree. Try it at home: embrace a tree, take a picture and watch the madness unfold. Leto seemed to enjoy it so much he retweeted his favourite internet creations. 

Here he is tree hugging…

And the ensuing Photoshop meltdown…


Singer Ariana Grande’s performance during this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show was pretty eventful: she got hit by the wing of an angel. Not viciously or anything. They’re angels. But the Bang Bang singer’s terrified facial expression was quickly copied and pasted into various scenes, including this Lion King one. Because – judging by this year’s memes – you haven’t made it until you’ve been Lion King-ed.

Water fight Leo

Take one Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio running shirtless in a New York park, add a super soaker and what do you get? One happy, meme-loving internet. He frolicked, the internet edited. 

Who’s the king of the world now, eh?

That Pharrell hat

On a night when Happy singer Pharrell Williams took home four Grammy awards, all anyone could really talk about was his oversized hat. Of course, the huge brown headgear instantly got its own Twitter account, which got to work creating memes about itself:

My Anaconda don’t…


Singer Nicki Minaj caused a slew of internet memes following the release of her Anaconda track earlier this year. If people weren’t recreating her bare bottom-filled single art, they were using the lyrics – which sample Sir Mix A Lot’s iconic track “Baby Got Back” – to make even more memes. Star Wars and Nicki Minaj? Why not…