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X Factor 2017 Saturday recap: Simon Cowell FURIOUS after double elimination

From judge Simon fuming about seeing two acts leave to Dermot O'Leary busting out the moves, check out all the talking points from this Saturday's Crazy In Love live show

Two acts leaving this Saturday meant there was little love lost in The Factor's Crazy in Love themed live show – but why was Simon so angry about the format change?


Check out all the major talking points from the night below.

Simon was REALLY angry about the double elimination

The quadruple elimination had been delayed a week, but judging by Simon Cowell's comments this Saturday he would rather it wasn't happening at all.

"It’s just occurred to me that we’re going to lose two people tonight. I don’t know who agreed to that," he said half-way through the show after The Cutkelvins performed.

Wait a minute, Louis said, surely you agreed to this format change Simon? “No I didn’t. No I didn’t,” Simon insisted.

Two acts left this Saturday – Sam Black and group Sean and Conor Price – with two more set to leave on Sunday as the show whittles down the acts ahead of next weekend's semi-finals.

Simon's clear frustration at the 'double elimination' is particularly odd given that he is the one running the show. He returned to his theme at the end of the night, asking, “Whose idea was it to do the double elimination?”

“YOURS” Dermot replied as the credits rolled.

With two more set to leave tomorrow, we're guessing we haven't heard the last of Simon's grumbles...

Simon's son Eric stole the show

Simon may have been fuming, but his son Eric was having a whale of a time, turning up with big funky ear defenders (presumably not just to block out Sam Black's vocals) and making himself comfy on the judging panel.

When Sean and Conor Price asked Simon who he loved most in the world, Simon replied, "Apart from me, this little munchkin," popping his little boy on his lap.

That came after Eric delivered the show's famous lines, "It’s time… to face… the music!"

Eric: the heir apparent?

Actually, Dermot's dancing was the best bit of the night

From kicking off the show with a Titanic embrace with lovely Lloyd Macey to busting out the Beyoncé moves, host Dermot O'Leary brought the love for Crazy in Love week.

If ever things go badly wrong between Dermot and The X Factor, we're pretty sure there's a space ready and waiting for him on Strictly...

There was a lot of references to food

From prawn cocktails to spaghetti, the judges couldn't help turning to food for their post-song criticism this week. Maybe they just hadn't had their dinner?

"That’s what I call a prawn cocktail," Simon said after Sam's performance. "It's not the main course or a dessert, it’s just the little thing you have before the big thing.”

Bemused by the attack on his act, all Louis Walsh managed to say was, "I love prawn cocktail."

But that wasn't the half of it. After Lloyd Macey's performance, Nicole Scherzinger said, "You to me are like a perfect bowl of spaghetti. I love spaghetti, but sometimes I’m hungry for some arrabiata."

Huh? "A little less cheese," Nicole explained. Right, that makes things sooo much clearer...

This week's prize is really disappointing

Dinner Louis Walsh X Factor

OK, sure, the winner of The X Factor's Sunday Prize Fight does get to travel to LA to record a single with number one songwriter Ali Tamposi... but that's only half the story.

The other prize? Dinner with... Louis Walsh? Why do we get the feeling ITV blew all the budget for these prizes early this year?

Even Dermot had to admit that group Rak-Su looked "decidedly underwhelmed" at the prospect.

Simon did NOT agree with Sam Black's final message

At the end of the show, eliminated act Sam praised his mentor Louis, calling him "the best judge ever".

Keep an eye on Simon Cowell's face when he says this...

Guessing that reaction means Simon won't be sitting down for a nice prawn cocktail with Louis anytime soon.


The X Factor continues on Sunday at 7.30pm on ITV


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