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Who are The X Factor's Four of Diamonds? Everything you need to know about Louis Walsh's new live act

Meet the girl group brought in to replace axed X Factor act Brooks Way for the live ITV shows

The X Factor 2016 live act: Four of Diamonds

Age: Between 17 and 21


Names: Yasmin, Caroline, Lauren and Sophia

From: Caroline (19) is from London and is studying Commercial Music at University; Lauren (21) is from Surrey and has been working part-time in a supermarket and teaching dance; Yasmin (17) from Manchester has been studying a music course, and Sophia (19) from Birmingham has been studying Bio-Veterinary Science at uni.

Mentor: Louis Walsh (Groups)

Who are they? The girl group have received a last minute invite back to The X Factor, following the decision to drop Louis Walsh's original group Brooks Way from the show.

Show bosses suspended 17-year-old twins Josh and Kyle Brooks while investigating allegations relating to Josh's treatment of his former girlfriend Amelia Clarke. Louis said he grabbed at the chance to bring back Four of Diamonds.

"Now that a place has opened up in my category, I’ve listened to the fans and am delighted to be bringing the girls back," he said.

The girl group made it to Judges' Houses this year, but failed to secure a place in Louis' original line-up for the live shows.

Now, they've been given an X Factor life line...

Four of Diamonds' first audition

X Factor admit that the quarter weren't exactly 'close' before their first audition – a spokesperson told the Sun that they had all initially auditioned as soloists.

However, by the time they came together in front of the judges to sing Meghan Trainor’s No, they did more than enough to secure their place in the next round.

X Factor journey

In the Six Chair Challenge the girls nabbed a place with Jamelia’s Stop.

In their (unsuccessful) performance at Judges' Houses, they sang Lorde’s Royals. They thought their journey had ended here, but Brooks Way's loss is their gain...


...and they're back in the live shows.


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