THIS is who people want to win Britain’s Got Talent 2018

A poll has revealed the most popular BGT finalist...

Britain's Got Talent judges

Lost Voice Guy could be heading for a landslide win in tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent semi-final, according to a poll of over 23,000 readers.


Comedian Lee Ridley (aka Lost Voice Guy), who has cerebral palsy and performs by using a speech synthesiser, came out on top with 6,157 votes, a share of 26.39%. He is the most popular of any of the ten finalists by a wide margin.

Fellow comedian Robert White came in second with 3,368 votes and Micky P Kerr in third with 3,011. Down at the bottom is Callum Courtney with less than 500 votes.

But it’s still all to play for as the ten remaining acts perform for the public in Sunday’s live final.
Could we still see victory for one of the Golden Buzzer acts: Gruffydd Wyn Roberts, Donchez Dacres or Tim and Jack? Or how about a big win for mini dance troupe DVJ or choir The D-Day Darlings or The Giang Brothers?

The live grand final for Britain’s Got Talent is on Sunday 3rd June at 7.30pm on ITV. You can find out more about it here.

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